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RedBee RFID Reader

Amal Graafstra, author of RFID Toys, has recently collaborating with Robotics Connection to create a brand new, incredibly powerful RFID reader! Here’s an excerpt from his website.


“Here’s the feature shortlist;

  • Great range, even with 3×13 and 2×12 glass tags!
  • Low power consumption (great for battery powered projects)
  • 4 I/Os that can be used as inputs or outputs
  • Internal memory can store up to 48 tag IDs
  • Programmable “autopulse” feature controls I/O lines automatically
  • USB virtual COM port communication option
  • Plug and play wireless XBee module support!
  • Single and multi-reader mode communication protocols
  • Communication protocols support tons of features

    This reader is by far the best EM41xx family reader out there, especially for the price. One very interesting feature is the XBee wireless communications option. Using XBee modules, you can set up an encrypted wireless data channel for one or more RFID readers to communicate on. The reader has a special COM protocol that can be turned on to allow multiple readers to all communicate on the same XBee PAN, allowing a PC to talk to and manage multiple readers at once using a single COM channel.”


    For more information, check out his post on his own blog or the product page at Trossen.

    I’m really excited to get my hands on one of these!


  • RFID Art Project

    The following device has been unofficially dubbed the “Blasphemous Bible Box” by my roommate. It was built for my art class, in which we were instructed to create our own ‘box’ project. The limitations were few. The size and style of box did not matter. The concepts were to be approved by the professor, and it did not need to be comprehensible, ie, it could be extremely personal and secretive.

    My project was built from a lightly modified inexpensive cigar box. From the outside it looks like a modern though simplistic black box, with a kind of hammered metal sheen.

    The inside is lined with genuine leather, complete with a New Testament Bible. The Bible is stuck open to the book of Revelations. Specifically, the primary verses concerning the Mark of the Beast.


    Hidden beneath the paper and leather is a bird’s nest of electrical wiring and components. Inside is an Arduino, six AA batteries wired in series, a five volt regulator, a servo motor, and an RFID reader.

    This is an art project, you ask? Yep. Read on, there’s a video of it in action after the break.

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    RFID Body Mod Part 8

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    Wed, Dec 16th, 4:03 PM

    It’s been almost a month and a half now, and there isn’t much left in the way of an incision mark, just a patch of new pink skin and a bump where the needle broke the skin. I’m not having any problems with the implant. There’s no migration at all, and my body seems to have nestled it in place quite well. What I mean is that it used to kind of float in place, whereas now there must be an impression in the flesh beneath it that holds it steady. It is pain free, though I’m still careful with it. On the few occasions when I’ve strained my hands, be it lifting or catching my balance, things of that nature, it may have been little sore afterwards, but to such a small extent that I may just be imagining it.
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    RFID Body Mod Parts 6 and 7

    Once again, I know, I’m a week behind, so here’s another double post, and if all goes well, some photos too, which you can click for a full size view.  If you are horribly squeamish and can’t stand the sight of a tiny bit of dried blood, ignore the pictures. If you’ve missed the other posts describing what’s going on, just click here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the posts using the link at the top of the page!


    Nov 5th, 2009
    10:57 AM

    The incision point, before being cleaned but after removing the bandage. The blue mark to the left is a mark he used to represent where the end of tag would sit.

    I find it very fitting that the implant was done the day after my birthday, and the day before the 5th of November. (Guy Fawkes night.) My birthday represented the start of my third decade of life, and Guy Fawkes night represents not just one man trying to make a difference in the world via the movie V for Vendetta, but standing up and wanting to make a difference in general. Plus, I love that movie.

    Another thing this project has made me notice is that I’m a very impatient person. Not impulsive, I didn’t jump right into this project without thinking. I did tons of research before even considering the possibility. In fact, I first did research on RFID implants nearly 2 years ago. It wasn’t until I revisited the subject that I decided I should start asking questions of the people involved and collect as much data as possible so I could consider the pros and cons. Obviously the pros outweighed the cons.

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    Body Mod Part 4/5

    Sorry everyone, I neglected my posting duties last week, so here’s a double post to make up for it. Here’s the next part of my journal, as well as the implant video. If you don’t feel like doing all of the reading, skip to the bottom of the full post to watch the video.

    Nov 2nd, 2009
    11:11 PM

    I’m sitting here in my dorm room, eating one of my favorite snacks, a chocolate bar with crunchy peanut butter, my favorite movie running on the screen above my laptop, and listening to the mellow sounds of my roommate talking to his girlfriend on the phone. It’s all just background stuff compared to what’s going on in here, inside my head.

    Two RFID glass tags have been ordered. One is the smaller 12 x 2mm tag, which can be swapped out and injected using a kit. The other is a 13 x 3mm tag, which cannot be injected with the kit, but has an extended read range by comparison. After exchanging information with Amal Graafstra, I’ve decided that when the range of the tag is already dropped by the flesh in the hand, every little bit of distance helps.

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    RFID Body Mod Part 3

    In this post you’ll find the first entry I made in my journal, in which I made my first endeavors to find someone willing to do the injection for me. As you’ll see, my research paid off.

    Oct 27th, 2009
    6:13 PM

    After some initial introductory emails to a local Tattoo/Body Mod shop here in Ypsilanti, Michigan, (Liquid Swordz) I took a field trip there to meet the man that does all of their piercing work, Dave. He was in the back of the tidy shop, and upon asking if I could speak with him, one of the other men at the counter told me he would be right out and we could talk to my hearts content. Dave seems like a nice guy, albeit were one to run into him on the street they might not think so at first glance, if raised in a small rural town such as myself. Read more »

    RFID Body Mod Part 2

    RFID. Radio Frequency IDentification. The technology comes in many different shapes and sizes, and is used in all sorts of applications. A very basic description of a tag would be to call it a device that uses simple radio waves to send its ‘name’ to a receiver somewhere, with no wires attached. They are around, even if you haven’t noticed them before, or just didn’t know them by name.

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